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Corrosion Protection

Living near the ocean is unbeatable. However, the salty ocean air does cause the sensitive metal coils in your HVAC system to corrode. Corrosion protection methods are specifically designed to protect metal components against the ocean atmosphere. Contact us to protect your A/C system from the damaging effects of the ocean.

Infiniguard Corrosion Protection for HVAC Equipment

Infiniguard is an anti-corrosion surface treatment designed to combat the deteriorating effects that ocean air can have on outdoor A/C units and other HVAC equipment. With ingredients like silicone and ceramic, Inifiguard creates a molecular bond to metal to protect it from corrosive saltwater air, moisture, UV rays, and other harsh elements. The process is simple and safe for your system: our technicians simply apply the Infiniguard coating to your unit as a means to protect the coils and components. So, if you’re hoping to extend the life of your HVAC system, ask us about Infiniguard to learn if it’s right for you!

Corrosion Grenades for a Longer A/C Lifespan

Corroded coils cause your A/C to fail prematurely. That early A/C failure is inconvenient and expensive. A threat that only ocean side homeowners experience, salty air proves highly destructive to A/C coils. A/C coils exposed to an ocean atmosphere have been to have half the lifespan of an A/C in another climate. That’s why we offer corrosion grenades to ensure you enjoy a full lifespan from your A/C system.

Corrosion Grenades are a Simple and Effective Solution

Made of an easily rusted metal, corrosion grenades prevent crucial A/C coils from harm by rusting instead. This ensures that the salty air targets and corrodes the corrosion grenade rather than A/C coils. When a One Hour technician installs a corrosion grenade, that simple addition can double the lifespan of your A/C coils — without requiring work on your part. Contact us today for this maintenance free and effective solution.

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